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Steph's Ghost... [Jan. 22nd, 2005|01:21 am]
Stephanie McMahon Fans unite!


[mood |lovedMissing Steph]
[music |I'm All Grown Up....]

Figured I'd try to jump-start the community with a post. If you know anyone who can make banners, it might be a bit easier to promote the sommunity. Just a suggestion :)

In any case, it was funny...I was watching Smackdown! the other night, and for some reason, like 3 times that night, I almost expected to hear her music start up over the titantron, and to see her come down to the ring. I know that she hasn't been around on TV as of late, and there are no rumors concerning her reappearance, but I could hope, right? :)

OK, that's all; forgive the randomness, I'm on some heavy pain meds ;) Talk to everyone later.